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Eclipse: The Ultimate in Quiet Living

Are you looking for a solution to put an end to cabinet doors that bang on closing? Eclipse proudly brings you Blum hinge systems with Blumotion.

Blum’s unique motion technology ensures doors close quietly and effortlessly. Blum’s self-closing hinges are unique cabinet hinges that have been specifically designed to close on their own, meaning that cabinet doors don’t have to be pushed completely shut in order to securely close them. No more noisy closing of doors!

This innovative soft-close system is perfect for all cabinet doors in the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas. The controlled closing system ensures a silent and cushioned closing action. Regardless of the closing force applied, or the weight, cabinet doors close softly and cannot be slammed shut.

Whether installed into your wood or aluminium framed cabinetry, Blumotion offers full hinge functionality and ultimate soft close, ensuring that the motion of every door is elegant, silent and effortless.

When choosing your fittings for your cabinetry test them out in a showroom to experience the motion firsthand – open, close then decide. Never underestimate the important role that fittings play in making your furniture work. Investing in good quality, functional fittings will ensure that your cabinetry will work perfectly for a long time. Blum’s hinge systems are tested to 200 000 opening and closing cycles, thereby come with a guarantee for the lifetime of the furniture.

Specify Blum for all cabinetry. The Blum range is available from any of the Eclipse branches nationwide in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

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