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Eclipse: Up Your Game With Super Storage Solutions in The Kitchen

For optimal workflow and convenience, make full use of your kitchen space with super storage solutions in key areas. Here we share some top tips for optimising your kitchen and preparation areas to make cooking and meal prep that much easier!

Your kitchen’s preparation area should be situated between the hob and sink for quick and easy preparation of meals. This is the ideal spot as a middle-ground to all the essentials you may need in the kitchen during your meal prep! Essentials such as cutting boards, cooking oils and vinegars should be kept close at hand in the preparation area. Start by keeping your prep area clean. An organised kitchen will help you prepare food with ease. There is no need to bend down and reach into a shelved storage space which is often inconvenient and outdated. Rather use drawers in base cabinets for storage instead of cupboards – it’s simpler to find all that you need without any fuss in dark cupboards with limited access. Blum’s Tandembox Antaro drawer system with Orga-Line inner dividers is an ideal storage solution for your kitchen preparation area. Available locally through Eclipse, the classic white metal drawer sides provide clean design lines complementing the furniture exterior. To finish off the drawer interior, line the drawer base with anti-slip matting and equip with Orga-Line inner dividers to store bottles neatly and securely. Opening and closing the drawer is effortless with Blumotion soft-close.

TANDEMBOX antaro drawer system with ORGA-LINE inner dividers.

TANDEMBOX antaro drawer system with ORGA-LINE inner dividers.

Specify Blum to your kitchen designer or installer. The range of Blum TANDEMBOX antaro drawer systems and ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems are available from any of the Eclipse branches nationwide in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth on 0861 eclipse (325 4773).

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