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Eclipse: The evolution of Kitchen Storage

The kitchen has radically evolved over time and is no longer a place for one person at the back of the house or in the basement of the house, but has moved forward to occupy the centre of the home.

SPACE tower lifestyle

Apart from a literal move, it has also changed in function and is not just the place where food is prepared and cooked but is also the place where food is stored. Kitchens have evolved into multipurpose rooms where we not only cook and clean up but also eat, socialise, work and relax. We have also become far more creative in the kitchen which has resulted in the acquisition of a lot of tools and equipment to help us get our cooking and baking done.

High dynamic load capacity

The evolution of the kitchen has resulted in a very busy room that has seen an increase in the need for effective storage solutions in order to ensure it remains both functional and practical. You no longer have to dig into deep dark shelved cupboards to reach for your grocery items. Neither do you have to pull out the entire contents of your pantry unit to reach one item which can be cumbersome. Blum’s SPACE TOWER is an ideal space-optimising pantry solution to neatly store your essential day-to-day items such as bread, cereal, sugar, pasta, rice, oils and condiments. The drawers open individually, allowing you to access the contents from the front and both sides. Even the items at the back of the drawer can be easily reached. Each drawer gives you clear visibility of all contents and can handle loads of up to 70kg. The drawers open smoothly and glide closed effortlessly.

Wide pantry unit (double door) LEGRABOX free internal drawers (with glass sides for optimal visibility)

The SPACE TOWER is available in a range of drawer sides to suit your design requirements. SPACE TOWER is flexible in height, width and depth and can therefore be adapted to the required storage space requirements. It is suitable for widths from 300mm up to 1200mm. Use inner dividing systems such as ORGA-LINE or AMBIA-LINE for further organisation of all your consumables.

Blum TANDEMBOX antaro internal drawers

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