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Eclipse: 5 Top Tips for Your New Kitchen

Planning a kitchen makeover or revamp? Whether your kitchen space is small or large, investing in a new kitchen can be exciting and overwhelming. It is therefore important to get it right the first time.

When planning your kitchen: ergonomic workflows, adequate storage space and enhanced convenience are key!

Tip 1: Design & function

Whilst your kitchen should be beautiful to look at and reflect your personal style, it is equally important for your kitchen to be practical and functional too. Make sure your designer has a good understanding of your needs. Your kitchen should have a beautiful exterior and practical interior function.

Tip 2: Functionality is key

Think ahead and plan well to ensure that the layout will provide short workflows so you can work efficiently. To minimise the number of steps you have to take, arrange kitchen cabinets according to typical workflows to create work areas or zones. Include zones for consumables and non-consumables, as well as cleaning, preparation and cooking zones. Store items right where they are needed by making use of high-quality cabinet equipment and inner dividing systems to provide easy access to everyday essentials.

Tip 3: Optimal storage

Create enough room for storage by selecting products that optimise the available space. It is important to have enough storage space to ensure that everything is where it should be and is immediately accessible. Contemporary trends show that drawers are more practical than cupboards with shelves. Drawers make better use of available space and provide the easiest access to interiors. Choosing quality, handle-less drawers with superior self-gliding motion makes your life even easier. Blum’s Space Tower is an ideal space-optimising pantry solution. Tandembox drawer systems provide practical storage solutions.

Tip 4: Durable hardware & top quality motion

Choose durable hardware with top quality motion that will ensure your furniture functions perfectly and lasts for the lifetime of the furniture. Specify fittings with superior motion technology such as Blum’s Blumotion. This will ensure stability, smooth running action and effortless soft-closing.

Tip 5: Drawer Organisation

Neatly store cooking utensils or baking consumables with AMBIA-LINE dividers for organisation.

Once your kitchen has been completed and it’s time to pack the drawers, spend the time arranging the contents in the correct zones according to your layout. Don’t skimp on the interiors of your drawers. Good quality dividing systems, such as Blum’s Orga-Line and Ambia-Line inner dividers enable you to organise kitchen utensils, knives, electric gadgets and much more, ensuring that everything that you need in a particular kitchen zone is exactly where you want it to be.


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