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Convenient opening and closing now has a new name: Tipmatic soft-close by Grass ZA

Movement in our homes should be streamlined, easy and elegant. With Grass ZA‘s unique Tipmatic soft-close, furniture compartments are a streamlined, hidden way to modernise your home. 

Easy operation and style are features that customers appreciate when buying furniture. Neither is always immediately visible from the outside of a kitchen, and the concealed movement systems can be a real experience in everyday use. The Grass range now features a new highlight for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas: Tipmatic Soft-close, a system that perfectly combines two popular comfort aspects. From the outside, only a sleek surface is visible. Completely handle-free. Slight pressure is all that is needed to open the drawer.

It is also gently closed with a familiar movement without any sudden braking. With these features, the new GRASS opening system provides access to a new dimension in comfort. Tipmatic Soft-close combines two familiar functions: the mechanical opening of handle-free fronts (Tipmatic) plus the elegant, damped closure of the drawer (Soft-close). Another noteworthy advantage: Tipmatic Soft-close can be easily retrofitted on the Nova Pro and Dynapro slide systems. When Tipmatic Soft-close is installed, the size and weight of the drawer are of virtually no consequence.

With the integrated three-level adjustment of the opening force, one ejector unit is sufficient for all weight categories and nominal lengths. The opening force can also be subsequently modified to suit the weight of the drawer. The large activation zone also ensures optimum ease of operation. Tipmatic Soft-close offers yet another functional advantage with its small minimum front gap of 2.5 millimetres and the integrated, tool-free depth adjustment.       Take a look at the power of Grass movement systems in this informative video:

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