Get Organised in the Kitchen with GrassZA

An organised space encourages a more tranquil approach to living at home. In the kitchen, it is easy to become frazzled with disorganised cupboards and drawers and the constant search for the right utensils in messy drawers! GrassZA is all about bringing order to the kitchen with innovative solutions to enhance the most functional spaces at home!

Go on and open a kitchen drawer right now. If you have items of various sizes and shapes all crammed together, then perhaps it is time to reinvent the wheel and restore order in this key area in your home! Specify GrassZA products to your kitchen designer and ensure a more pleasurable kitchen experience for all who use this space!

Grass brings us the Tavinea Optima Dividing System for Vionaro/Novapro/Wooden Box Drawers. This latest innovation ensures a sleek, clean and organised look in your kitchen with many added benefits.

The benefits:

Organised: With Tavinea Optima small and large stored items remain securely in place. The flexibly usable elements divide the space in drawers to the personal preferences of the user.

Variable: The dividers in the drawer with the continuously adjustable aluminium profiles can be adjusted at any time – tool-free and also after the initial fit.

Useful: Practical Smartboards make it possible to divide the stored items even more. Simply clip on the divider profiles.

Choice: Tavinea Optima is available in set packages or in the form of profiles for cutting to length; there is a choice of colours matching the Nova Pro Scala and the Vionaro drawer sides.

GRASS ZA is positioned as the premium supplier of high-quality movement systems to the Kitchen and furniture-making Industry. GRASS ZA delivers a comprehensive range of Hinge and Drawer sliding systems, as well as lift-up mechanisms from its parent manufacturing facilities in Germany and Austria. The Company also distributes several other complementary products from various other quality manufacturers.

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