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The primary function of a fireplace may be to generate heat, but with all the options at your disposal you can select a fireplace that advances your design palette –  adding not only to the heat and comfort of living spaces but to their visual appeal as well. Here are some tips on using Chad-O-Chef fireplaces as a design tool.


Every creative designer knows that using light and texture to create visual interest and depth in a home, can take a design from “everyday” to “elevated”.

Chad-O-Chef fireplaces come in a range of finishes, allowing the designer to play with surface texture & colour:

  • Brushed stainless steel offers a subtly reflective surface which takes on the warm hues of the dancing flames. This contrast between modern tactile texture and natural, warm visual texture gives the finish a playful yet classic elegance. 
  • Blue-black mirror finish (available on the Flameline Fireplace) is the ultimate in visual drama – blue and orange flames double as they are reflected off an almost liquid, midnight black surface. It’s dark and alluring. The flames take center stage, compelling the eye.
  • Black painted mild steel brings an element of industrial minimalism which is very popular at the moment, and when paired with brushed stainless steel the affect is of understated opulence.
  • A choice of pebbles or glass “stones” for most of our burners, allows for a choice between earthy and modern textures.

Chad-O-Chef offers the customer a variety of frame and backing options that combine positive and negative space to determine the focal point of the fireplace. If the frame is the focal point, the fireplace is elevated to the status of an art piece. If the backing and the flames are the focal point, the fireplace seems boundless.

When deciding where to place a fireplace in a room, some practical factors will have to be considered: how the heat should be distributed for maximum comfort; access to the gas source; safety of movement around the fireplace. However, design cohesion should also play a deciding role in the placement of a fireplace, so that all the furniture pieces, ‘objects de art’, soft furnishings, light fixtures and textures work together to create a beautiful, interesting and inviting space.



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