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There’s No Place Like Home, With a LACUNZA Fireplace

Spending time with your family and loved ones, seeing your favourite movie, eating meals from your childhood and remembering the smell of home is made special when you sit beside a LACUNZA fireplace.



Whether you know it or not, there’s a LACUNZA fireplace that is just right for you! Does your space call for a built-in fireplace? Or maybe rather a more versatile freestanding option…or possibly even a stunning kitchen stove? LACUNZA’s is guaranteed to have a perfect fireplace for your unique environment.

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LACUNZA fireplaces are imported from the Sakana valley, in the Navarre region of Spain. For over 50 years, LACUNZA has forged a path of fireplace excellence through hard work and a unique personality that is based on the sustainability of the environment, innovation, technology, design and customer orientation.

From the original iron foundry and subsequent cookstove and fireplace factory, LACUNZA has undergone a remarkable evolution and development. This is evidenced in our range of products, models, materials and energy sources.



Our greatest strength is our personnel and their commitment to our company. We strive to foster respect for the social, economic and environmental surroundings and through this, we give back to the environment.


At LACUNZA, the importance of taking care of our forests is clear to us. Our manufacturing goal is for all our products to have the greatest energy efficiency with the smallest ecological footprint possible. We care for and replant forests that provide one of the greatest sources of heat and energy: wood.




Do we have your interest? Click on the link below and locate a distributor near you today!

Locate a distributor:  lacunza.co.za/where-to-buy

Make this winter special with the beauty of natural comfort that a LACUNZA fireplace brings to your home.

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