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The modern way of heating your patio

As the days get shorter and then nights colder, there is nothing nicer than relaxing in front of a fire. And whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just trying not to freeze while sitting on your patio, you may be curious about the best way to heat yourself, but not the planet, this winter.

As humans, we have always been fascinated by fire. The ParcHaus Pellet Burners take this fascination to a new level. Discover the worlds most modern smokeless outdoor fireplace – a compact burner with patented technology – a gravity fed wood pellet burner that results in a beautiful high flame without any smoke. Our Pellet heaters come in three designs, the Cube – the smallest of the three, the Cube with bar table and our biggest burner the Lounge.

The Cube’s compact design and the option to fit the Cube with a wheelset means that moving the Heater around your Patio is easy and convenient – allowing you to create heat in all the right spaces.

The ParcHaus Pellet heater range is not only stunning, but it uses wood pellets giving you a 100% natural wood flame, meaning it is both efficient and eco-friendly.  It relies on renewable resources for fuel, which no gas, coal or oil furnaces can claim.

Wood pellets are carbon neutral, renewable fuel, most made from 100% organic waste such as wood – cut-offs, sawdust and shavings without any adhesive additives. Wood Pellets are easy, safe and take up very little space to store, but also the most cost-efficient way to heat. With running cost savings of up to 60% vs gas or electric heaters, The ParcHaus Pellet heater is the best way to create both ambiance and heat.

So how does the pellet heater actually work? The patented burner allows smokeless burning of wood pellets without any electricity. The construction of this high-tech burner is only achieved in Austria by being able to precision cut parts within millimetres of tolerance. The construction of the ParcHaus Cube Pellet heaters allows for controlled burning. This means that the radius and height of the flame are precisely defined and are always the same. This burning technique reduces the amount of sparks by 99%. The intelligent airflow lets the floor of the heater remain cool whilst heating only the sides of the heater. The burn chamber can be filled with up to 3,5kg of wood pellets – resulting in a total heating time of up to 6 hours (approx 3 hours of Visible Flame Phase with another 3 hours of glowing phase).

ParcHaus Cube Pellet heaters are beautifully designed, functional, and efficient. Elegance and practicality are no contradiction, they make the ParcHaus Pellet heaters what they are: an extraordinary eye-catcher with a warm heart.

About ParcHaus

ParcHaus’s offers a range of Patio Furniture that is designed to be functional and long-lasting whilst at the same time providing an exclusive design and feel. ParcHaus offers Outdoor Living Experiences – this means that the focus is much broader than just offering exclusive outdoor furniture. They have spent considerable time and effort working with suppliers that are able to offer innovative, distinctive, stylish and durable products that enhance an ability to offer a unique living experience. Explore our range of Patio Lounge Sets, Patio Dining Chairs and Tables, Sun Loungers, Bar Tables and Chair, Parasol Umbrellas, Solar lanterns and other Patio Accessories that are essential in creating comfort, ambience and style on your patio and in your garden.

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