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Style Your Fireplace To Suit The Season

It may be summer, but we can learn to style our fireplaces according to the seasons. Here are our top tips to help you decorate your fireplace like a pro.

Hearth. Furnace. Blaze. These are all the names we could use to describe the much-loved fireplace in our homes. Need some help with decorating this feature in your living room? We are here to help.

Summer Styling

Your fireplace may not be in use during the warmer months, but this doesn’t mean it becomes less of a statement in your home. Style the mantel with fresh bursts of colour to embrace the warm tones of summer. Change things up with bright artwork or decor that echoes the fun, playful nature of summer. A vase of fresh greenery or a colourful canvas will certainly brighten up your space. Your mantel is what you make it, so let it be a true reflection of your personality.

Autumn Styling

Autumn is a beautiful season as the colours and textures of nature shift to deep orange, burnt browns, red and more. Bring these deep hues into your home and style your fireplace mantel with the dramatic tones that can be found in an outdoor Autumnal setting. Go organic with woven baskets at the base of your fireplace and incorporate natural textures for a truly inspired look.



Winter Styling

Winter is when your fireplace truly comes to life. As the heart (and heat) of the home, your fireplace may be in full use during the colder months. Be sure to have plenty of firewood on hand. A basket, crate or stylish storage box can add to the overall look and double as much needed wood storage. Add candles to your mantel to create an intimate setting. Organic textures are also a great idea here. Dried wooden wreaths, driftwood and bark will certainly enhance your winter fireplace.

Spring Styling

Spring is about new life – where things bloom and begin to grow again. Change things up around the fireplace to embrace the beauty of Spring. Think soft, pastel tones with fresh blooms to brighten up your space. Style your mantel with mirrors, jars or a clock for a whole new look. Keep it fresh and simple and let your personality shine.


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