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Pizza fiesta season with Beauty Fires

Pizza parties this holiday season are the way to go. The fact that pizza cooks in 60-90 seconds, makes cooking with your guest a bonus, and gives you more time to party and socialise.

Prep and clean-up is quick and easy – Prepare toppings before your guests arrive and make your own or buy readymade bases (thin is better).

We have a choice of a gas indoor/outdoor or a woodfired pizza oven by Signi fires – the best on the market.

Introducing Nuova and Cucina – https://youtu.be/IMPWqqI6pAs


Nuovo gas Pizza oven

Nuovo meaning New or Fresh in Italian is exactly what this Pizza oven offers. The Nuovo gas fired Pizza Oven is the latest innovation in pizza ovens. The Nuovo utilizes a ceramic gas burner to achieve its optimal temperature within minutes. Quick and hassle free, no mess no fuss. With the Nuovo your family can now enjoy amazing pizzas, bread, stews, and slow roasted meats with the turn of a button.

The Nuovo can be used indoors or outdoors and does not require installation or a chimney. No chimney means the Nuovo is mobile and with its low weight it is easy to move. Effortless and easy, the supplied hose and regulator simply screw into a gas cylinder, and presto you are ready to cook.


Cucina Wood Pizza Oven

There’s something special about pizza and bread baked to perfection in a traditional wood pizza oven — the crispy crust, the melted mozzarella, the simmering sauce. With the Cucina wood fired Pizza Oven you can now enjoy traditional wood fired cooking in your own home. Traditional ovens built with refractory materials can take hours to reach the optimal temperature. With Cucina you can make a spur of the moment decision and enjoy delicious Pizza cooked at over 400 degrees Celsius within 30min of starting the fire. The Cucina oven uses considerably less wood than traditional wood fired pizza ovens.

beauty-fires-cucina-wood-pizza-oven-on -trolley-portrait -door-open

The Cucina Pizza Oven has generous proportions to cook two standard sizes pizzas or casseroles at the same time. The stainless-steel door is used to control the heat to cook pizza, bread, roasting meat and making stews. The cooking chamber is fully welded and made from stainless steel for longevity and robustness.


With a home pizza oven your family can now enjoy amazing pizza’s, bread, stews, and slow roasted meats with the turn of a button.

The best Christmas gift this season from Beauty Fires! Contact an outlet near you or shop online, we deliver to your door!




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