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On Fire: Tips, Inspo & A Fab Feb Deal To Meet Your Fireplace Needs

When’s the right time to invest in a fireplace for your home? Right now. This is always the correct answer! If you’re looking for tips, inspiration and a fabulous February fireplace special, have we got news for you. 

The Gorgeous Godin Freestanding Cast Iron Fireplace

In the spirit of love and giving, we wanted to give a heads up on where you can purchase a gorgeous Godin fireplace this February at a great price!

Godin is one of Europe’s top-selling fireplace brands having started in 1840. They are world-renowned and have become experts in the industry, supplying superior fireplaces across the globe, including in the South African market.

We recently learned that there will be an increase in Godin fireplaces as of 1 March 2021. However, for the month of Feb you can purchase a Godin fireplace from On Fire before the price hike. To make the most of this offer, be sure to place your order before close of business on 29 Feb 2021. Click on one of the following fireplace links which will take you to the On Fire website.

What’s Available?

The Godin Mini Cube

Beautiful and simple lines on the Godin Cube, fits perfectly to a small to medium size open plan living environment. This is a beautiful and efficient wood burner with a modern style.

The Godin Madras


The French made Godin Madras features a unique, tablet design with rounded edges and a large cavity for 45cm logs. It comes with heat resistant glass, secondary combustion, a clean glass system, a manual air control, an ash pan and a rear convection panel which allows for installation closer to the wall.


The Godin Cube

Godin Cube is a simple and sleek all cast iron unit. Will perfectly compliment your living environment whilst providing good heat (Nominal output is 6.5kW which should comfortably heat around 220m3 of volume). Has both a top and rear outlet so you can install as you would ideally fit to your home.

You can also visit the On Fire Specials Page to see what else is available at a steal!

Pre-winter Fireplace Tips

We may not be able to provide you with electricity – but we can provide you with warmth and heat for your home for what is sure to be a chilly and wet Winter in 2021. Here are a few helpful tips to make the most of your fireplace this season…

Buy wood now

Purchase your wood for winter burning as soon as possible. As good dry wood needs around 12 to 18months of curing/drying before it can be used in a closed combustion fireplace. Best woods for these fireplaces include Black Wattle, BlueGum and PortJackson and needs to have less than 20% moisture in it. Helpful hint – if the bark can easily be removed or broken off – it’s on its way to being dry wood.

Keep it clean

Closed combustion fireplaces and flues need to be swept out or cleaned every year (or at least every 2nd year). Check your fireplace before the wood-burning season in case it needs a little TLC.

On Fire in Cape Town is all about closed combustion, wood burning, cast iron and/or steel quality fireplaces which bring warmth to your home. Need expert advice or looking for the perfect fireplace for your space? Visit On Fire and discover the latest ranges now available.

On Fire.

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