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New Garde from Lacunza

The Garde woodburning fireplace is a new addition to the Lacunza range.

Technologically advanced closed-combustion fireplaces have become very popular, and with good reason. A high-end closed combustion fireplace like the new Garde from Lacunza burns cleanly and efficiently, warming your space and creating a relaxing environment.

The Garde has a sophisticated secondary combustion system that burns any remaining fuel or combustible gases for a second time in a separate chamber to the primary burner. This means that it actually burns only one-third of the fuel to provide the same heat output as an open fire while giving off hardly any smoke, soot or residue.

The Vermiculite firebox makes sure the heat is contained within the fireplace, the air is taken in from outside, and then recirculated within the stove causing much higher combustion temperatures, transferring the heat into the room instead of escaping up the chimney.

Vermiculite board is a refractory material made from exfoliated vermiculite and special inorganic binder that provides a high degree of heat resistance to temperatures up to 1100 degrees C and heat shocks. The use of vermiculite plates is aimed at improving the thermal insulation and protecting the firebox at the same time.

The Garde woodburning fireplace has glass on three sides that allows you to enjoy a view of the fire from all angles. The Garde is a cozy cast iron and steel stove with rounded shapes and comes with ceramic anti-stain glass and the fire chamber is certified as airtight.

The Garde is so fuel-efficient, very little ash or residue is left over. It is only necessary to clean the stove and remove ash about once or twice a week and the ash is good for your garden! The stove will retain its heat for hours after the last loading, keeping your home warm while you are sleeping.

With a heat output range of 8-14 kW, and a nominal heat output of 11,0 kW the Garde wood burner will heat a large space of up to 100 m². The unit itself measures 600mm wide, 1010mm high, with a depth of 435mm and will suite spaces with modern and traditional décor.

Lacunza offers a 10-YEAR GUARANTEE – Best on the market!

Contact a Lacunza distributor near you for more information and installation advice on the Garde Fireplace.

Contact: Lacunza.

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