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Morsø Fireplaces: How to Create A Good Indoor Climate

A woodburning stove creates a snug and cosy atmosphere on the cold days of winter. But you may have heard that it may generate a problematic indoor climate for e.g. asthmatics. The good news, however, is that there is a lot you can do to prevent your stove from polluting – indoors as well as in your neighbourhood. Today we’re chatting through the options with some top recommendations from Morsø.


The key to prevent your stove or fireplace from generating a poor indoor climate is to have one of good quality as well as correct maintenance. Below, we have set out a few pieces of good advice on what to do in order to establish a good indoor climate and prevent your stove from causing pollution.

Indoor climate and woodburners – what you need to do:

  • Only use dry firewood
  • Ensure that woodburners’ flue outlets are correct – Choose the right woodburner
  • NEVER burn waste matter
  • Be sure to air the room thoroughly whenever your woodburner has been used
  • Replace your woodburner if it predates 1990

Take steps to prevent your woodburner from polluting and inconveniencing your neighbourhood

  • Make sure that your chimney is of the right height
  • Use proper kindling wood

Morsø offers a range of quality wood-burning stoves and fireplaces to keep the cold out this winter. Be sure to visit their website to find out more.

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