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Mac D Knows A Thing or Two About Fireplaces

Suppliers of quality fireplaces at affordable prices since 1979, Mac D knows a thing or two about fireplaces.

The company’s extensive offering includes several makes and models of fireplaces, including ever-popular wood-burning stoves and fireplaces from Franco Belge in France, ACR Heat Products in the UK, and ROCAL and CALOR from Spain. It also stocks products from Infiniti, Morso, Nordica, Dru, Dovre, Godin, Charnwood, Canature, Sentinel, Lacunza, Carbel, Hergom, Nestor Martin, Plamen and Kratki.

Here, the team shares the pros of a wood-burning fireplace for you and the environment.

It emits less carbon than other heat sources

“One of the most significant environmental benefits of using a wood stove is the reduction of carbon emissions. Wood is a renewable resource that is abundant in many parts of the world. When burned, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but the carbon dioxide released is equal to the amount absorbed by the tree during its growth. This means that using a wood stove has a minimal impact on the environment, making it an eco-friendly heating solution.”

It reduces the demand for fossil fuels

“Another environmental benefit of using a wood stove is reducing the need for fossil fuels. Fossil fuels such as oil and gas are finite resources that are becoming increasingly scarce. By using a wood stove, you are reducing your reliance on these resources, which helps to conserve them for future generations.”

It can help you reduce your carbon footprint

“using a wood stove can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Traditional heating methods, such as oil and gas, often require transportation, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. By using a wood stove, you are reducing the need for transportation, which helps to lower your carbon footprint.”

A wood-burning stove or fireplace is more cost-effective

“Wood stoves are also more cost-effective than traditional heating methods. While the initial cost of purchasing and installing a wood stove may be higher than traditional heating methods, the long-term savings make it a more cost-effective solution.”

It cuts your reliance on electricity, allowing you to heat your home at any time

“Another advantage of using a wood stove is that it provides heat even during power outages. Traditional heating methods rely on electricity, which means that they are useless during a power outage. In contrast, a wood stove can provide heat even when the power is out, making it an essential investment for those living in areas prone to power outages.”


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