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Introducing the New Infiniti Fires Range By Fire Empire Cape

As the nights grow longer and colder, there’s nothing quite like the warm embrace of a crackling fire to cosy up your living space. Infiniti Fires from Fire Empire Cape, a pioneer in innovative fireplace solutions, is proud to unveil its latest combustion fireplace creations: a small and compact freestanding design, a wall-mounted design, and a cantilever design.

These state-of-the-art designs blend functionality, aesthetics, and safety, promising to revolutionize the way we experience the timeless charm of a fireplace.


Sleek and Modern Design.

Infiniti Fires has always been synonymous with cutting-edge design, and their latest offerings are no exception. The freestanding fireplace boasts clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, making it a striking focal point in any room. Meanwhile, the wall-mount option exudes sophistication and elegance, seamlessly integrating into your home decor. The cantilever option adds that gravity defying feel to any modern home. These designs are crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Efficient Combustion Technology.

Beyond their visual appeal, the Infiniti Fires fireplaces are engineered for optimal performance. Equipped with advanced combustion technology, they provide efficient heat distribution, keeping your space warm and comfortable without compromising on energy consumption. Whether you’re seeking supplemental heating or a cozy ambiance, these fireplaces deliver unparalleled functionality.


Stylish interior with a fireplace and two loft-style armchairs. Floor lamp and marble floor.

Safety First.

Safety is paramount when it comes to fireplace design, and Infiniti Fires prioritizes this aspect without compromise. This ensures peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of a roaring fire without worrying about potential hazards.

Environmentally Conscious.

In an era where environmental sustainability is non-negotiable, Infiniti Fires leads the way with eco-friendly fireplace solutions. Their combustion fireplaces are designed to minimize emissions and maximize fuel efficiency, reducing their carbon footprint while keeping your home warm and inviting.

With the introduction of their new fireplace designs, Infiniti Fires reaffirms its commitment to innovation, style, and safety. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your interior aesthetics or simply craving the warmth of a crackling fire, these new offerings promise to exceed your expectations. Embrace the warmth and sophistication of Infiniti Fires and make this winter a season to remember.

Contact Fire Empire for more information on the complete Infiniti Fires range.

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