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Hyper Fires: Choosing A Fireplace for Your Home

Autumn is the perfect time to select your fireplace before the cold winter sets in. Wintertime is really busy with installations and getting a booking can take up 3 to 4 weeks during this peak season. If you’re considering a new fireplace, then it’s time to act now.

Selecting a freestanding or built-in slow-combustion fireplace will ensure you no smell, great efficiency, low wood consumption and prevent heat loss from your home unlike what happens with an open fireplace.

Brand new to the SA market is the new range of fireplaces from Defro Home. Products from Defro Home series are equipment distinguishing with the highest quality and safety class. Modern heating products meet the tastes of the most demanding customers. These pieces are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also a great source of heat on which you can always count. Defro Home offers a range including air-cooled fireplace inserts, water-cooled fireplace inserts, standalone stoves and pellet-fired stoves. Such a wide range of products allows for meeting individual demands.

When choosing a fireplace, it can be helpful to think outside the box and consider unconventional tips. Here are a few unconventional factors to consider:

Architectural Style:

Think about the architectural style of your home and how the fireplace will fit into it. Consider whether a traditional fireplace design will complement your home’s style or if a more modern or unique design would be a better fit.

Environmental Impact:

Consider the environmental impact of the different types of fireplaces. Wood-burning fireplaces produce emissions, while gas and electric options can be more eco-friendly. Explore eco-conscious alternatives like ethanol fireplaces, which burn clean and renewable fuel.

Heating Efficiency:

Efficient fireplaces are designed to generate and distribute heat effectively, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Look for features such as proper insulation, air control mechanisms, and heat output ratings to assess the heating efficiency of the fireplaces.

Aesthetic Versatility:

If you enjoy changing the look and feel of your living space, consider a fireplace that offers aesthetic versatility. Look for fireplaces that will suit your evolving style.

Safety Features:

Fireplaces should prioritize safety, so look for features like sturdy doors, screens, and heat-resistant glass. Additionally, certifications and compliance with relevant safety standards can be indicators of a reputable brand.

Choosing Reliability

Hyper Fires started selling fireplaces, chimneys, braais & extractor fans in Cape Town, South Africa in 1997. Their hands-on approach, together with excellent service and a superior product range lead to growth into a market leader in the industry. Outstanding client service, attention to detail and successful delivery of projects is a testimony of how the company have become established and a reliable industry choice.

For more visit Hyper Fires and find the perfect fireplace for your home.

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