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Going off the grid with Lacunza

Lacunza offers wood burning kitchen stoves that suit modern and traditional kitchens perfectly.  The primary function of these stoves is indoor cooking; however they also provide a significant source of heat for your home without electricity. A wood burning cooker is the perfect solution for power outages!

Our wood burning cooker offer the perfect combination of design, quality, and efficiency for your heating and cooking needs. Made Spain, our Kitchen stoves feature great durability, efficiency, safety, and quality.
The Vulcano and ETNA cookers.
Cooking in a VULCANO and ETNA cooker models offer is a unique experience that  combines tradition with the highest performance levels.  Keeping in mind that all wood stoves are also heaters these stoves are capable of warming an area of between 70-90m2

The Oslo and Altea are highly efficient and eco-friendly.

These fireplaces are a combination of a thick, high quality steel firebox, lined with vermiculite and a stainless-steel oven with a refractory brick base. The firebox section houses your ambient flames and the oven is equipped with a stainless-steel tray and rack and also features a fume extraction system.

The firebox has a cast iron grate, lightweight vermiculite characterised by its excellent insulating properties, high resistance, and aesthetic quality. In particular, the vermiculite used by LACUNZA has a high density and thickness, using smaller panels so that, with the correct use, they do not break or crack.

The OSLO wood-burning stove has a heating capacity of more than 100 m2, a rated heat output of 11.5 KW.

The Altea heats a space of 62m2 with a nominal output of 7Kw. Both models have an efficiency rating of 87% and low CO emissions (0.04%), making this product highly efficient and eco-friendly.

In combining your heat source with your oven, you’re not just getting a fun new way to cook. You’re getting a cheaper, more reliable way to live simply. Woodburning stoves tend to be more expensive than regular stoves, but what you save in the long run by not running separate sources of heat for cooking and heating makes up for the difference.

The oven functions like a normal kitchen stove, with one key difference; All of its heat is drawn from the built-in firebox via clever systems within the design of the stove. By allowing the smoke and heat from the firebox to filter around the oven before exiting via the chimney, a cookstove can effectively cook whatever is in the oven. If you can cook it on an electric or gas stove, you can cook it on a woodburning cooker!

Remember: The 10 Year Warrantee on all our products sets Lacunza apart as an industry leader where other manufactures only offer a 2- or 5-year warranty.

Lacunza Fireplaces are covered by a 10-year warranty on all their wood burners. This is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the best solution for your home.

Lacunza products are all certified to ECODESIGN 2022, the new green design standard for biomass household appliances directed at protecting the environment and human health. You can have peace of mind that your unit is designed and built to the highest standards!

Contact a distributor near you and ask about the Lacunza Kitchen Cookers!
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