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Fire Fire Burning Bright – How To Choose The Right Fireplace For Your Space

Winter is upon us and we are all looking for ways to keep our homes warm and insulated. Nothing says comfort and style better than a stylish fireplace. Here we share some top tips for selecting the right fireplace for your interior.

Location, location, location:

Before investing in an interior fireplace be sure that you choose the right spot for it. Your fireplace will need ample floor space and should be installed in an area where you require the most heat such as a living room or entertainment area. Open plan spaces are often best to help radiate the heat outwards but fireplaces also do well in smaller rooms such as bedrooms where you could opt for a smaller variation to meet your needs.

Be sure to consider where the smoke outlet will be installed – perhaps through the ceiling or on an adjacent wall. As such your fireplace will need to be strategically placed for maximum functionality. Consider all of these factors which will help you determine the best spot for it.

Style and shape

There are a variety of fireplaces on the market today to suit your tastes and pocket. Whether you invest in a modern freestanding wood burning fireplace or stove, or combine your fireplace with unique stone and tile cladding options, you can create a stunning feature in any room. Built-ins take a little more effort to install but offer a wider range of options for customisation and integration. You also have the option of open versus closed fireplaces to suit your needs.

Suspended fireplace

Fireplaces are functional and stylish. They offer warmth needed for comfortable living and can also work to reduce your energy bills. Keep warm this winter with Lekker Fireplaces – the go-to-guys for fireplaces and braais in Limpopo!

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