Solent: 5 0f the Best Uses for your Fan

If you think fans are ineffective and expensive to use, think again! Fans are a great way to cool down and get the air in your home moving. Solent has many different types of fans available so you’re guaranteed to find one to meet your needs. From floor standing fans, wall fans to ceiling fans, there truly is an option for anyone and everyone.

When most people picture a fan, they imagine a standard three blade option either pedestal or ceiling fan, that blows hot air on your face on a hot day. While this picture is common in the movies, Solent fans can do so much more for your house. They can help maintain humidity levels, protect various rooms of your house from stagnant air, and even help you sleep better at night. And that’s just the beginning. When making a purchase, it is important to think carefully about the type of fan you want and where you plan to use it. Below are 5 of the best ways to get the most out of a fan in your home.

1. Cool Down

Perfect for more moderate climates, fans are a very inexpensive way to cool down. They can also be quite refreshing, as they circulate cool air throughout the room. Pedestal fans are a good option for this type of use, as they are easy to move from room to room. Be sure to pay attention to the size of the room you want to cool, as ceiling fans will cover a wider area than a pedestal fan and Solent’s wall fan is perfect for larger rooms.

2. Deal with smokers

Whether you’re dealing with a small kitchen mishap or your cigar-smoking uncle, a pedestal fan can be a saviour. Use your pedestal fan to suck in fresh air through a window. Once the room is cleared, it will now circulate clean air throughout the room. You don’t even need smoke in the house for this trick – it works for any room that needs ventilating.

Get the look with a fresh green plant, all white interior and a beautifully sophisticated Solent Ceiling fan.

3. Sleep easier

It can be especially difficult to sleep on a warm summer’s night. Typically, you have to choose between an expensive air conditioner or the uncomfortable heat. A bedroom fan can be a great alternative, as it is far cheaper to buy and operate, and it significantly lowers body temperature. The cool breeze from a fan can be relaxing while you try to fall asleep. Solent ceiling fans are perfect for moderate bedroom cooling, and installed over the bed, they’re quite effective. Solent pedestal fans are a good option for the bedroom as well and a great addition to your home.

4. Keep humidity in check

A Solent fan can do more than just cool. Because they ventilate the room, maintaining proper humidity levels is easy. Too much humidity can damage your home. Blowing fresh air into the room can keep the humidity levels down in your home and keep indoor areas well-ventilated. The constant circulation of air helps keep the air in your home clean as well as dry. It’s a win-win all around.

5. Accentuate your room

A fan can be so much more than a functional appliance; it can also add decorative charm to your living environment. Solent fans come in a variety of styles and sizes and accentuate just about any room in your home. Solent’s variety can certainly add a refreshing change of pace from the traditionally boring models.

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