Morso – Making Life Warmer

Fireplace designs in South Africa have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and in recent years the increased availability of controllable, highly efficient, effective and aesthetically striking fireplaces has led to a radical change in thinking.

Morso makes life warmer with a wide selection of superior fireplaces now on offer. Check out the many variations here:

Morso Freestanding

Free Standing

Mankind has been using fire to provide heat for thousands of years. But it’s a long way from the open fires our forbears gathered around to a modern fireplace from Morsø. A Morsø fireplace is an advanced system for burning wood and, used properly, is among the most environmentally friendly heating solutions in the world.



Since the original cast iron fireplace was made at the Morsø Jernstøberi more than 160 years ago, Morsø has become one of the leading manufacturers of cast iron fireplaces around the world. From Europe to South Africa, North America to Asia, today Morsø cast iron fireplaces are sold in over 30 countries

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted

The traditional cast iron wood burning fireplace from Morsø is both well known and beloved. The timeless and modern design combined with high engineering standards and exceptional design is the essence of Morsø.

S – Series

The S-Series

The Morsø S Series are a new range of steel stoves, which aim to give a modern and unique expression.

The O Collection

The Ø-Collection

Morsø’s O Collection fireplaces provide up to 80% more heat efficiency than an open fireplace in a wide range of styles to complement any living space.


To accompany the magnificent fireplaces, Morsø also produces a wide range of danish designed accessories.

Visit a showroom to view their quality range of products and make life a little warmer this winter!

For more visit Morso.


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