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Doors Jun 7, 2024

Van Acht: Your Complete Guide to Selecting the Perfect Interior Door

Unlock the door of opportunity and select the perfect interior door like a pro with help from the specialists at Van Acht. Now is your chance to make a statement and invest in the best doors for your home.

Welcome to the definitive guide on choosing the perfect interior door, your home’s silent yet essential decor statement. From privacy to space division, let’s explore the pros and cons to ensure an informed decision.

Hollow Core Doors:

Crafted with a wood or composite frame, these doors feature thin veneer panels, resulting in a lightweight and budget-friendly option. However, their lack of durability and sound insulation may pose drawbacks.


Lightweight and easy to install
Cost-effective with minimal expansion
Pre-primed for painting


Limited durability and security
Inadequate sound insulation
Lower-quality feel

MDF Doors:

MDF doors are interior doors constructed using Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), a composite wood product made from wood fibres and resin. These doors are popular for their versatility, affordability, and smooth finish.


Versatile designs and profiles
Smooth surface for easy customization
Dimensional stability and eco-friendly construction
Standard stock available in extra height 2320mm
Can be Custom made
Perfect for painting or staining to the desired colour


Susceptibility to moisture damage
Limited repair options compared to solid wood

Semi-Exterior and Solid Engineered Doors:

Engineered for durability and style using Meranti, Kiaat or Marine Plywood, these doors provide unmatched stability, appearance, and insulation properties, making them a premium yet worthwhile investment.


Superior durability and stability
Timeless appearance with customizable options
Enhanced insulation for soundproofing and thermal regulation
Standard stock available in extra height 2320mm
It can be custom-made
It can be stained and oiled in various colours


Higher upfront cost compared to alternatives
Maintenance required for long-term upkeep



Whatever your choice, check out the versatile options available from Van Acht.
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