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Van Acht Windows and Doors: Shares how Minimize Heat Loss

If your home is icy cold in winter (or boiling in summer), the culprit may not be load shedding for once.

Heat loss in a building is, in fact, caused by fenestration.

Here, the team from Van Acht, providers of high-quality doors and windows to the local market, explains what the phenomenon is and how to minimise its impact on your home.

Why is my house freezing cold during the winter?

“Heat naturally moves from areas of higher temperature to lower temperature, seeking equilibrium. In winter, the warm air inside your home tends to escape to the colder surroundings outside, leading to heat loss.”

So what is fenestration and how does it affect the temperature in my home?

“Fenestration, which refers to the design, placement, and characteristics of a building’s windows, doors, and skylights, plays a critical role in heat transfer. Windows, doors, and skylights can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency due to their material properties, insulation value, and overall design.”

How can I minimise heat loss?

“There are a few ways to enhance the energy efficiency of your home and prevent heat loss. 

Consider replacing old, inefficient windows with energy-efficient alternatives featuring double glazing and Low-E coatings. Choose window frames with high-quality insulation properties, such as uPVC Windows.

Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weatherstripping and caulking to minimise air leakage and reduce heat loss. 

Use insulating window coverings such as thermal blinds, curtains, or window films to add an extra insulation layer and reduce heat transfer.

Install insulated doors with weatherstripping to prevent drafts and improve energy efficiency.

Make sure the heat is not escaping through your roof. Good ceiling insulation can go a long way to help with energy efficiency and comfort this winter.”

For more information and a wide selection of energy-efficient doors and windows with high insulation properties, visit Van Acht’s showrooms in Pretoria, Randburg, Krugersdorp or Klerksdorp.



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