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Rehau: Shining A Light On Small Windows In New Residences

Spending time outdoors is good for us. We just love the ample light and sun we can enjoy in South Africa! The effect of natural light on overall health has been well researched and documented. Natural light has tremendous benefits, both psychologically and physiologically.

Natural light results in higher energy levels and thus increased productivity; aids our body clock, regulates our sleep-wake cycles and combats depression, to name just a few.
Furthermore, natural light in residences reduces energy consumption, as less artificial lighting is used.

So why are new homes being designed with smaller windows?

It seems that there is a move to make homes energy efficient by reducing the window sizes. This is in order to comply with the building regulations as specified in SANS X10400. It is easier to reduce the window-to-wall ratio and comply with the regulations using traditional window systems with standard float glass, than to specify modern, energy efficient windows and doors with energy efficient glazing.

The result is less natural light and lower energy efficiency as energy passes through the windows unhindered. Moreover, artificial light is needed to counter the loss of natural light, which can have a negative effect on the occupants. Energy efficiency shouldn’t come at the cost of the well-being of the occupants of a home.

Specifying REHAU energy efficient uPVC windows and doors will satisfy the requirements of SANS 204 and go a long way in promoting the occupants’ health and happiness.

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