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REHAU Launches New Securi Slide & Fold Window and Door Range

REHAU is thrilled to launch their all-new uPVC Securi Slide & Fold window and door range!

This new generation multi-pane door and window system consists of up to 6 individual single-leaf uPVC panels, giving you unprecedented flexibility. When opening the door or window, you can easily slide each individual pane in a track to create a variety of opening sizes.

You can:

• Stack all the panes away neatly at one side of the opening;
• Open just the main panel;
• Partially slide the panes across the opening for ventilation slits.

When closed, the panes interlock with each other to form a solid wall with high security. All hardware, with the exception of the handle and profile cylinder, is concealed within the frame. If you choose to have your door or window handle on the inside of the home, there is no hardware on the outside. This is great for enhanced security.

The Securi Slide & Fold windows and doors can be fitted with single or double glazing, and can consist of 2 to 6 panes. The uPVC windows and doors are easy to clean, very durable and offer excellent thermal and weather performance.

To see a video of the Securi Slide & Fold door in action please visit the REHAU website at www.rehau.co.za.

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