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Rehau: Expect more safety from your windows and doors

If safety is your concern, then you should start thinking about replacing your existing windows REHAU uPVC windows and doors, as these are the direct points of entry into your home.

Traditional windows and doors are single glazed, ie just one pane of 4mm float glass separates you from the outside.  However, a double glazed window or door is fitted with two panes of glass with an airspace between them, which makes it much more difficult to break into your home. We recommend that the outer glass pane consists of laminated safety glass and that all windows and doors be installed with security tape.  This will greatly enhance the safety of you and your family inside your home.

Besides double glazing, REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors can also be fitted with a multi-point locking system.  Multiple strikers, along the closing section of the window, grip into lock keeps located in the steel-reinforced uPVC frame as shown in the photo below.

Lastly, REHAU’s uPVC profile, which makes up the window or door frame, is engineered from high performance uPVC.  Being extremely durable and hard-wearing, the uPVC frame itself is reinforced with steel where necessary.  There are several videos on REHAU’s website, www.rehau.co.za, that demonstrate the durability of REHAU’s windows, why not have a look?

REHAU uPVC window multipoint locks







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