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REHAU: An ideal time to break away with family and friends

April is a wonderful month! It is filled with lots of public holidays, giving you that extra time to spend with your family and friends.

How often have you looked forward to that long week – end away, it’s taken some planning, you have found that perfect holiday spot, you’re all packed ready to leave.  Then you look around your home, you begin to feel anxious and think, “Will my home be safe while I am away?”

Here are some safety and security tips for your home

  1. Check your perimeter fence or wall that it does not have any holes and your wall is not broken
  2. Be friendly with your neighbours, they can keep an eye on your house when you are away, particularly on a week-long holiday. They can also report suspicious activity or anything unusual.
  3. Dogs are not only man’s best friend but they can also help keep your home safe. Burglars are less likely to try to break into homes that have dogs in the yard. Dogs bark when they see strangers, which alerts owners to any activity in their yard.
  4. An alarm system, preferably connected to an armed response company, can act as an effective deterrent.
  5. Ensure that tools such as axes, spades, picks, ladders, etc. that can be used to break into your home are locked away when you leave.

In addition to the safety and security tips, REHAU windows and doors also add to securing your home.  Our windows can accommodate multi-point locking hardware due to the Eurogroove in the sash profiles.  REHAU windows can also be fitted with most of the shoot bolts and security hinges currently available on the market, helping to keep your home secure while you’re away.

The other great advantage of REHAU’s uPVC profiles is that they are safe, as they difficult to ignite and are self-extinguishing. It is not only our windows that are safe and secure; our uPVC doors are manufactured to suit your requirements. So whether you’re looking for French doors, Inline sliding doors, Stable doors or Multifold doors, each have steel reinforcements for increased stability and security. Switch to REHAU and have peace of mind that your windows and doors are safe and secure. The team at REHAU wish you memorable times with your family and friends!

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