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Rehau: Job description for your home’s windows

My windows do have a job to do?  Yes, they do!

The main function of your windows is to let lots of light into your home. They also need to keep out the elements like wind, dust and rain whilst protecting you and your possessions.  They should ideally also reduce outside noise, increase safety and offer privacy whilst allowing you to look outside. Plus they need to comply with the building regulations.

Couple holding building plans and discussing remodel

Having the right windows and doors that fulfil all these points will considerably improve your wellbeing AND the value of your home.

If your windows are not doing their job, maybe it is time to upgrade to modern REHAU uPVC windows!

  • You can choose between double or single glazing. Both will be more energy efficient than your current windows and doors, lowering your energy bill from the word go.
  • Your new REHAU uPVC windows are expertly manufactured, so that no wind, dust or water will be able to enter your home uninvited.
  • They will reduce outside noise. This is good news, especially if you live in a complex, busy neighbourhood or close to highways. Hello peace and quiet!
  • Fitted with multi-point locking systems and safety glass, you and your loved ones will be safer.
  • uPVC windows require very little upkeep. An occasional wipe to get rid of the dust is all that is needed.  No need to varnish, sand, paint or treat, ever!

Now that is what we call a hard working window!

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