Bring the Outside In with Rehau

At long last, the seasons are changing and it’s time to embrace the latest seasonal trends and welcome the outdoors inside! Open those windows and doors and let the fresh air and those marvellous Spring aromas in! Thanks to REHAU, you can now optimise your interior spaces with the ideal fixtures to welcome the outside world into your most prized interiors!

REHAU makes it easy for you to bring the outside indoors with sliding patio doors manufactured from the REHAU profile that has classic good looks, with a maximum glass area to optimise visibility. More glass means more natural light and greater living comfort. Welcome, a bright sunny day! Enjoy the panoramic view or simply extend a room with the large REHAU patio door.
Another option is the REHAU multi-fold door design. The multiple panels fold up to create an opening that can be as large as the size of the door frame. This sophisticated door system meets the demands of almost any property, enabling you to choose the number of panels to suit your needs.
Still can’t make up your mind? No problem. Why not add charm and elegance with stylish French doors? Manufactured from the REHAU uPVC profile, these doors have an extensive opening that can be tailored to suit your specific requirement. Additional features, such as decorative glass and Georgian bars, available as open-in and open-out styles and with equal or non-equal split panes, make it another great choice of bringing the outside, in! Come on Summer, we’re ready for you! For this and more, visit REHAU.


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