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Go Bold With A Colourful Front Door

When you first step up to a house, what’s the first thing you notice? Besides the curb appeal and garden leading up to the front steps, a showstopper door can totally make a great first impression. In fact, we love beautiful doors in playful colours teasing us to come on in and experience the inside!

Here’s why we love bold and colourful doors:

Well, Hello There

Before you even open up the door to your guests, a beautiful coloured door is already a welcome gesture to those on the outside. It’s making a statement of style and also hinting at the personality of the owners. We love that it does the talking on your behalf, so if in doubt, always go for a bold door that makes a statement.

Black is Bold

If you’re a little more introverted and afraid of bold colours, a simple black door evokes elegance and demands attention. Black is always a winner – a classic, beautiful and refined choice for a striking front door!

Mixed Materials

Don’t limit your imagination to only paint colours. You can also invest in a beautiful customised front door to suit your style and add elegance to your home. Think metal, aluminium and glass for a refined style.

Pastels are on Trend

A beautiful lime, blue or soft pink pastel door would be a trendy addition to your home. If your house is painted in a neutral colour, a bold coloured door will do well to add contrast and personality to your entryway.



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