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Dezign A Door: Personalise Your Space with The Egger Decorative Collection

Dezign A Door is in the business of making sure you love where you live. They don’t do ordinary. They do things differently and will make sure your cupboards mirror your style and complement your lifestyle. With the new Egger Decorative Collection, they also bring a modern wood look finish to your home that is contemporary, affordable and appealing!

Dezign a Door will help you unlock your décor vision through customised cupboards and interior doors. From classic to contemporary, their products are cut to order for kitchens, studies, bathrooms and bedrooms; in fact anything that needs a door or drawer front.

Dezign A Door is a proud supplier of the superior Egger Decorative Collection in South Africa – a superior wood look-alike product that is just as gorgeous as real wood, but much more affordable.

Technical, aesthetic, economic and environmental constraints can make a project challenging. With the same decor being available on multiple products within the Egger Decorative Collection, you can specify the most appropriate material for your application.

Some of the benefits of Egger include:

  • Offer the look and feel of solid wood, veneers, metals, stones and lacquer without
    the premium price tag.
  • Environmentally sustainable and recycable.
  • Ready to use, requiring no oiling, staining, lacquering or further protection
  • Easy to process

The Egger Decorative Collection includes laminate products, compact laminates, Eurodekor MFC, edging and more in modern, durable and versatile finishes. With a wide and versatile repertoire of solutions, you’re able to precisely meet your customers’ requirements. Every time. The huge variety of combinations in the new Egger Decorative Collection will help you to build on these strengths. Valuable inspiration, smart solutions and a well-thought-through holistic system come as standard.

Keeping step with the latest trends is part of the process and this is why Dezign A Door is recognised as a leading bespoke cabinetry company with a high-performance heritage of over 20 years. The brand is well-known in trade circles and the preferred supplier for the majority of leading interior house furnishing companies.

Dezign A Door is able to handle the most intricate specifications; they can guarantee speed, consistency and ultimately a superior product.

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