Coverland: A Guide to Roof Tiles

If you’re not in the know about the latest construction innovations and roofing solutions, you may not realize that in South Africa there truly is a massive variety of styles and colours available to us today. We asked our friends from Coverland to share some tips regarding roof tiles for modern builds!

Monier Coverland are the experts in roofing, offering concrete and clay tiles – together with a range of roofing components, energy efficient alternatives and various modern roofing solutions. This and more is that you will find at Monier Coverland.

Clay tiles

While clay tiles in traditional design, colours and surface remain… modern designs, such as the flat Lógica Plano from Monier Coverland show that clay tiles are also well suited for contemporary projects.

Clay roof tile is extremely durable – perhaps the most durable roofing material on the market. As such, it is extremely resistant to heat, fire, wind and hail. As a result, it can last very long: A clay tile roof can easily hold up for generations.

A variety of fittings are available from Monier Coverland. It is advisable to measure approximately 20 tiles on site before battening the roof as the tile sizes can vary during the firing of the clay. The tiles are made of natural materials which could lead to variations.

Concrete tiles

Concrete tile roofs are not all that common, but they have a lot of advantages over conventional roofing materials like asphalt shingles. Concrete tile is extremely durable, resisting damage from fire, heat, hail and extremely high wind. The material is very low maintenance and energy efficient, too.

Concrete roofing tiles are made by mixing cement, sand and water. The mixture is placed in molds to be cured until it reaches the necessary strength. This process allows for a wide variety of colour and design options – color can be added to the surface of the tile or throughout, texture can be added to the surface, and different molds can be used to create different shapes.

Concrete tiles have a long lifespan, surpassing more common roofing materials, but they won’t last as long as clay tiles. The average lifespan of concrete tiles is 30-50 years, compared to 100 years or more with clay tiles.

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