Coolstair: Like Floating On a Cloud

There is something magical about a floating staircase. Both modern and enchanting, a floating staircase is stunning – it presents the illusion of floating on a cloud while being suspended between two levels. Coolstair are the masters of creative staircases, and they are able to design and fabricate any shape, size or design of staircase you may require.

Let the staircase become a feature in your home with a unique design that will mesmerise your guests. The sky is the limit. For easy, perfectly curved staircases and profiled floating staircases, Coolstair is the way to go. Floating staircases offer many possibilities, with self-supporting floating stairs in many materials like wood, glass, concrete and acrylic. Your stairs can seamlessly blend into their new surroundings, or purposefully stand out to make a distinct statement.

Whatever the choice, Coolstair is available to help guide you with the right finish and design to suit your space. Coolstair will build you a staircase cage to the exact shape of your required staircase. They will then install it in place, making sure that it is 100% ready for your builder to finish off. This is an absolute cost-effective solution. No mistakes can be made by your builder as the Coolstair staircase cage will be the exact shape of your required staircase.

All your builder needs to do is insert his rebar, and pour his concrete – you can walk up the staircase the next day and 14 days later you can plaster…. leaving you with a perfectly beautiful, strong floating concrete staircase – perfect and precise in every manner. From start to finish, Coolstair will assist with building and installation of the steel cage formwork, the rebar design, supply and installation of the concrete, supply and pouring! They also ensure a full engineers inspection and will issue an Engineer’s certificate, for peace of mind.

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