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Colour Your Home with Olympia Paints & Coatings

Add a chic new look to your space this season with a new coat of paint to elevate the interior and exterior of your house. Olympia International Paints are in the business of manufacturing premium-quality paint, at an affordable price, with you in mind.

How to Choose Colours…

If you’re stuck on choosing a new colour scheme for your home, start by evaluating the colour relationships as they appear on the colour wheel. The colour wheel displays an arrangement of colours, starting with red, yellow, and blue – being the primaries. All other colours are produced from mixing these primaries in varying ratios; shades are produced by adding white or black to colour mixes.

Colours have a wonderful way of impacting us and our reactions or responses in a space. This ‘Colour Temperature’ often refers to warm and cool colours.

WARM COLOURS tend to advance toward you, giving an impression of closeness and comfort. Such colours are found at the ‘RED’ end of the spectrum, with ‘REDS’ being the warmest.

COOL COLOURS tend to recede away from you, giving an impression of coolness and spaciousness. Such colours are found at the ‘BLUE’ end of the spectrum.

If you want to play with colour and get just the right shade for your room or area, choose the colour temperature that suits your persona and arrange your scheme in one of the following ways:

COLOUR HARMONIES – choose colours that are similar or adjacent to each other on the colour wheel.

COLOUR MONOCHROMES – choose tints or shades of the same colour by mixing white or black.

COLOUR COMPLIMENTARIES – choose colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel to produce contrasts.

Olympia International Paints boasts a range of colours for you to choose from, including pastels or earths, reds or blues – there’s a colour for you. To help with your selection, you can view some of the options online and shop the latest products.

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