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Ceilings Apr 18, 2024

Embrace decorative tin pressed panels in warm colours this autumn with Vintage Pressed Ceilings

As the vibrant colours of summer give way to the warm and cosy hues of autumn, we are provided with the inspiration to bring these wonderful colours and textures into our homes and businesses.

There is no better way to do this in a meaningful and impactful way, than through stunning pressed decorative tin pressed panels, which add timeless style to our living, working and playing spaces. Be Inspired with Vintage Pressed Ceilings.

Vintage Pressed Ceilings, the pressed decorative ceiling panel experts, understand the charm that their products can add to a home, restaurant, café or office, which is why they make sure that the widest range of colours and patterns are available to South Africans.
Warm colours include those such as red, brown, orange, and yellow, and these can combine effortlessly to provide an old-world appeal that few other design elements can lay claim to.

Artisan Gold with Burnt Umber is one of the available colours that immediately stands out for its ability to add vibrancy to an area while oozing nostalgic, vintage charm.


As the sole South African importers of American Tin, the oldest and largest manufacturer of pressed ceilings in the world, Vintage Pressed Ceilings is well placed to ensure style and charm with a decorative pressed ceiling that instantly upgrades the aesthetics of any room.

Customers are particularly enamoured with the acoustic tile options, which look incredibly stylish while reducing noise and room echo by up to 85%.
As such, these tiles are ideal when installed in loud spaces such as bars, restaurants, cafés, kitchens, hallways, dining rooms and large entrance or lobby areas, where they can solve noise problems and add an attractive finish that provides a visual feast for onlookers.

Whether the home or business owner chooses to create a dreamy backsplash or a sophisticated pressed ceiling, the unique tiles from Vintage Pressed Ceilings will provide charming décor elements to revitalise the home, business or workplace in autumn-friendly tones.
Embrace the preparation of your living and working areas for this magical season by creating a space that reflects the beauty of autumn while crafting areas where memorable moments can be created.

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