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Casarredo: Statement Ceilings Are 2018’s Dramatic Decor Trend

Look to the sky. For centuries, a statement ceiling was the ultimate sign of luxury, think Versailles and even Russia. However this changed during the war years, such interior extravagance was unthinkable. The practice fell out of fashion by the 1940’s and became nearly obsolete in the Modernist- and Minimalist-dominated decades that followed.

But this year, old-world grandeur is making a comeback. Pinterest reports that searches for “statement ceilings” are up 300 percent, and experts named it one of their interior design predictions for 2018. As the ceiling has been so ignored over the last 70 years, it’s definitely about to have its resurgence.

Tracey-Lee Gradidge, Head of Project & Design at Casarredo, takes a closer look at this trend making waves at the moment…

Modern ceilings are not the sprawling representations of yesteryear. Instead, they’re done with bold paints, tailored wallpapers, or Expressionist elements. I like to describe the ceiling as the modern fifth wall, a response to a “clutter” averse generation. “It’s a good way to occupy space. You don’t need tons of furniture.

This trend however isn’t for the faint of heart—they don’t call it a “statement” for nothing. When done right, the risk is worth the reward. How do you pull this one off?

Painted Statement Ceiling

Painting a ceiling is the quickest, easiest way to pack a punch. However, be cautious of strong colours with no light shining on them, the paint will read even darker, which makes a space look smaller. Remember that your eye will be drawn to strong colours so the perceived ceiling height will drop— this is a great technique, and even greater if you have very high ceilings, however it can also make for a claustrophobic space if you have very light walls.

If you must go bright and bold, then a word to the wise: If you are wary of the ceiling height dropping, then don’t paint over the edges of the ceiling with your bold colour, and take your wall colour up over the cornicing and onto the ceiling.

But regardless of what colour you choose, ensure you use a glossy or lacquered paint. You can achieve reflections that would fool the eye into believing a ceiling is twice as high, thus upping the drama stakes and really capturing the imagination.

Wallpapered Statement Ceiling

If painting brings the drama, wallpaper brings the romance. As a sucker for patterns, especially ones that cover your ceiling, drop it down the side of the wall making the room pop or go for the more timeless and lux feeling with a faux marble paper, applied between moulding on a ceiling. This will add grandeur and an old-world ambiance while retaining its fresh appeal. I would also recommend metallic wallpapers. They add such depth to a space and always amps up the glamour-odometer. Want to do wallpaper but don’t know where to start?

Pick one that has the same hue as your wall. It will create an uninterrupted, cohesive flow.

Mural Statement Ceiling

A mural ceiling is by far the most difficult type to pull off. It takes a lot of time, energy, and, since it needs to be done by a professional, it costs a lot of money. Ok, so you want to go the mural route try to rather evoke an original scene, don’t attempt to replicate well-known murals. For example, if you want a sky: avoid Starry, Starry Night (Van Gogh)—go for something moody like an impressionist interpretation of a sky or a simple ombre (modern and fresh).

Huate Couture Home

And for the true haute couture personality I recommend really turning up the volume and placing mirrors tiles in geometric shapes, wooden panelling or even metallic press ceilings. Just a side bar (as we know I love a side bar) if this is the route you choose then the remainder of your room/décor must be subtle, clean lined or even minimal as your ceiling is your focus and you don’t want to have the room fighting against itself.

The statement ceiling is a trend for design daredevils, but hey why not look up?!

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