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Stepping Up to the Next Level with Stairs

A feature staircase can become a statement of style within a modern home. We love the creativity displayed in innovative stairwells – from the shapes, curves, colours and materials used. Staircases no longer have to be of a standard variation. Think out of the box and create a beautiful showstopper staircase to make a real impact in your home.

Have you ever stepped into a stylish mansion or contemporary hotel and felt mesmerised by the detailed stairwells that lead to the next levels. From matching stairs on either side of a grand foyer to beautifully curved and artistic stairwell representations, we can find tons of inspiration from what the professionals are installing in world-renowned interiors.

But when it comes to our own homes and architectural designs, the stairs are often far from our initial thoughts. With careful planning and some designer input, you can create a feature staircase that will add to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Here we share some innovative designs to inspire your own stairway designs:

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It’s all about the style of your home, so choose something that complements the look and adds style without losing functionality. Whether a more traditional and Victorian-styled staircase with all the trimmings or a simple yet dramatic wrought-iron installation, research your options for a staircase and choose a style that suits your home and your budget.

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Let’s not forget those exterior staircases on your property. Perhaps you have an outdoor stairwell leading to a seperate entrance. Don’t overlook this space. You can still create a stylish feature stairwell, no matter the location.

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