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Steel Studio: The Festivities are Here

If there is one thing South Africans know how to do, it is having a party! We are warm and friendly people who enjoy socialising and are of the firm opinion that braaing should be an Olympic sport.

This is the time of the year we get to enjoy our favourite pastime more often. Warm sunny days with a few drinks and a braai while relaxing by the pool is almost ingrained in our DNA. Adults adore it, kids cannot get enough of it, even our pets love the festive season. Every other guest sneaks a little tidbit below the chair to Fido who has cleverly positioned himself there. Ah, sheer bliss. Living in this beautiful country of ours, it’s easy to be carefree and enjoy the summer but we also need to stay safe. Very few of us pause to ask the question – Is our home safe? Will it be safe for friends and family to bring their kids where there is no child safe enclosure around the pool? Will it be safe for granny when she has to hold onto a balustrade that is not up to standard?  Will your balustrade support a guest who needs it after a few too many? Taking a few measures beforehand might save a life. Make sure that you are prepared to safely entertain your guests this festive season. If you have questions or doubts, click here to make certain your balustrade system is safe and secure. Understanding the concept of balustrades may also help and you can read more about that here.

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