Why a Stainless Steel Balustrade is the Smart Choice for your New Home

Experts share why a stainless steel balustrade is the safe, affordable and low maintenance option that remains a classic in all home designs.

stainless steel balustrades on stairs in a modern home

If you’re building a new home, you will need a balustrade on your staircase or on a balcony. Steel Studio offers a stainless steel balustrade that is designed with your safety in mind. Not only that, but their state of the art designs remain current and suit from contemporary to classic homes.

A stainless steel balustrade is low in maintenance

stainless steel balustrades on balcony

Stainless steel by its very nature is a low in maintenance material. When your balustrade is manufactured and installed by a professional, you will merely have to wash down the balustrade with a simple solution of soap and warm water, as often as you would wash your windows. It is also important to ensure that your balustrade specialist specifies the correct material grade for your stainless steel balustrade, depending on your environment, the application and the external factors that the balustrade may be exposed to.

Stainless steel is the environmentally friendly choice

Stainless steel baluster on stair and double volume of home

By choosing a stainless steel balustrade instead of a mild steel balustrade, you are taking the environment into consideration with a product that isn’t coated with toxic materials and won’t corrode over time and pollute the earth. In fact, stainless steels’ non-corrosive properties ensure a balustrade that lasts as long as the projects life span and afterwards the stainless steel is 100% recyclable without any negative effect to the properties of the material.

A stainless steel balustrade that is designed with your safety in mind

stainless steel balustrading with lighting in handrail

As per SANS balustrade regulations, a balustrade is a safety element in a building and needs to be designed, tested and approved in consultation with a registered professional structural engineer. Your balustrade contractor needs to provide you with a Form 3 Engineers sign off on completion of your stainless steel balustrade system. This will set your mind at ease that those utilizing your building will be protected from incurring serious injury.

Steel Studio offers a range of designs in stainless steel balustrades, from horizontal rail systems to vertical rail systems. Where there may be a concern with children playing on a horizontal rail balustrade, they provide a cranked handrail that prevents the climbing of the system.

What’s more is Steel Studio will give you a lifetime guarantee on the stainless steel material and a 2-year workmanship guarantee. It is crucial to get your stainless steel balustrade manufactured and installed by an expert to ensure that the correct grade is being used and that the manufacturing and installation is to standard.

To find out more on the right stainless steel balustrade for your new home, call Steel Studio on +27 11 608 1963 or email sales@steelstudio.co.za and speak to an expert sales executive. They will meet you on site and specify a safe and affordable balustrade that suits your requirements.

Visit www.steelstudio.co.za.


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