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Plascon House Tour: A Baby Blue Abode

Shades of blue emanate throughout this elegant Victorian home in London. A playful mix of styles are presented in this space, from Victorian architecture to contemporary finishings and beautiful baroque elements. Each room brings a surprising twist and we love the eclectic ambience and playfulness created throughout.

Blissful in blue, the soft shade infiltrates the entire home. Paired with white finishes such as the ornate ceiling and entryway details, and the overall look is regal and soothing. Pops of patterns, colour and interesting art inject each room with energy and appeal.

This home is all about the details. In the living room, plaster wall lights are antiques salvaged from a French bank while the deep-buttoned sofa is bespoke, upholstered in Kentia velvet in Aquamarine to match the walls. The Serge Roche-inspired female figurine on the living room arch was designed bespoke together with Fullbrooks of England.

The bedroom too is beautiful and detailed with touches of blue ornamentation and white details. Panelled walls open to reveal hidden storage and screen doors glide seamlessly into wall recesses to separate this sanctuary.

Beautiful artwork and sculptural elements add depth and colour to this home. In the living room, art above the fireplace is magnificent – bringing vibrancy to this living room and a collection of sculptures are on display throughout. The addition of fresh greenery brings life to this space.

The master bathroom is mesmerising in blue with white and black subway tiles in an interesting pattern. Simple cupboard fronts were pimped up with bespoke handles and instead of making expensive covers for the radiators, they were embossed, so that they now function as sculptural pieces in their own right.

Overall, this home is energy-filled in a palette of baby blue and white with modern details and Victorian design elements that bring an added appeal.

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