Inspired Staircases With Coolstair

Floating concrete staircases are a showstopper in any interior. Not only does this take precision to create, but the overall ambience created is one of awe and sophistication.

Coolstair are specialists in concrete staircases and cage formworks. They build you a staircase cage the exact shape of your required staircase, install it in place, making it ready for your builder to finish off.

This is an absolute cost-effective solution. No mistakes can be made by your builder as the Coolstair staircase cage will be the exact shape of your required staircase – all your builder needs to do is insert his rebar, and pour his concrete – you can walk up the staircase the next day and 14 days later you can plaster! Leaving you with a perfect beautiful strong floating concrete staircase – perfect and precise in every manner.

Get your on-site electrician to insert his light fittings into the staircase cage before concrete pouring and you have a stunning illuminated staircase. The steel cage formwork is built to individual requirements, especially useful for staircases of intricate designs, and where pre-cast is not an option.

The staircase cage formwork is made from steel square tubing with meshing made to the exact shape of your required staircase, once installed is then ready for rebar & concrete insertion – no additional shuttering needed. The stone in your 25mpa concrete blocks the holes in the meshing, allowing a slight stipple of concrete through, making for a perfect surface for plastering. The formwork remains as part of the structure and indeed makes your staircase stronger/free standing so you can then utilize the space underneath the staircase.

Coolstair also have a division that can carry out the final plastering of your staircase. They are available at a moment’s notice for an on-site meeting to measure up and to discuss your staircase.

Contact: Cool Stairs


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