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Coolstair: Magical Floating Staircases Are On Trend

Like floating in air, the mystery of a beautifully appointed floating staircase is quite exquisite. It has the power to breathe life into any space and we are so in love with the concept and gorgeous staircase designs now available from Coolstair.

A truly distict design option, floating stairs give the impression of a staircase which seems to be ‘floating’ in mid-air. Floating staircases are created by attaching treads to a wall or staircase’s stringer on one side, with the other side unsupported. Popular tread materials used in floating stairs include wood, stone or glass and floating staircases often feature a handrail either on or against the steps for peace of mind.

Although regulations prevent certain designs from being materialised, the possibilities to create a dream floating staircase design are still vast and professionals such as Coolstair are on trend with some of the most exciting options for modern interiors. For instance, a floating staircase structure takes on a life of its own when applied to many other design styles including spiral, helical and quarter turn staircases.

Whether you’re hoping to create a contemporary or minimalist interior, a floating staircase can become a feature in any space. No longer an eye-sore or waste of space in the home,

Coolstair can build you a staircase cage the exact shape of your required staircase, install it in place, making it ready for your builder to finish off. This is an absolute cost-effective solution. No mistakes can be made by your builder as the Coolstair staircase cage will be the exact shape of your required staircase – all your builder needs to do is insert his rebar, and pour his concrete – you can walk up the staircase the next day & 14 days later you can plaster…. Leaving you with a perfect beautiful strong floating concrete staircase – perfect and precise in every manner.

The beauty lies in the finished product and we are certainly drooling over these gorgeous floating staircase options!

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