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Pronature It’s time to go green.

Leaders in environmentally friendly building products, ProNature manufactures and supplies a wide range of natural timber stains and sealers, earth-friendly paints and non-toxic cleaning agents.

“Our range of environmentally friendly products are free of lead, petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs),” explains the company. “As such, it is safe for the chemically sensitive, asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children and pets.”

The non-toxic, earth-friendly products include a wide range of on-trend colours and innovative colour products, including Opus Ebony – ProNature’s wood Ebonizer.

The Ebonizer is ideal for creating a beautiful dark or black wood finish that compliments the natural grain of the material.

Here, the team shares how to ebonize wood furniture and other surfaces successfully.

“There are two ways to ebonize and the methods are dependent on the wood you are working with. Timbers such as ash, maple and pine with low tannin levels require a pre-treatment before applying ProNature Ebonizer.

On tannin-rich woods such as oak, teak, walnut or mahogany, the reaction can be instantaneous. To achieve an intense black use ProNature Ebonizer as is or dilute it to achieve a weathered effect. Wood surfaces must always be dry, clean, dust-free and smooth (sand the wood to a fine finish using min grit 100 if needed). Then, evenly apply a liberal layer of Ebonizer using a sponge, brush or short bristle paint roller.

If the surface starts to feel rough, lightly sand between applications.  Through this process, the colour will become uniformly dark. Sometimes a lighter shade of black looks great, so you may want to call it quits after one or two applications. 

When you’re satisfied with the colour, wipe down the wood with a damp cloth to remove any residue from the solution. 

Let the wood dry thoroughly before applying the finish - ProNature Indoor or Outdoor.”



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