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Plascon House Tour: A transparent box in Mexico City

This beautifully constructed home in Mexico City is something of a transparent box fully constructed from steel and glass, to create the illusion of space. Here you will find the perfect merger between the indoors and outdoor living. Wide open spaces, beautiful structural pillars and exquisite greenery are used to highlight this sense of indoor-outdoor appreciation.

The large open living room area is organized around the fireplace, which creates the central meeting point for the entire family. This floating piece is a stunning creation, and heat from this central fireplace extends into the different zones so beautifully created by the modern furniture layout. To the side, the terrace is almost as important and is completely united with the interior space, thanks to the large windows which completely join the interiors with the exterior. In terms of materials, a range of natural textures and warm colours were chosen, especially in the study, where wood predominates and where “the level game with the loft offers different degrees of privacy within the same space”, explain the architects. Modern art on a wooden feature wall makes for a beautiful art deco incorporation to this home. As does the gorgeous spiral staircase in black and silver metal finish. The interior style reflects modernity and warmth, harmony and comfort, all of which is grounded in the property’s beautiful outdoor landscapes with all rooms facing these carefully positioned outdoor areas. Contact: Plascon Trends Photo: Jose Margaleff Via

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