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Plascon House Tour: Old Home Renovation

Today’s house tour sees an older Netherlands home completely renovated into this modern chic residence that celebrates ample light and space with stunning features. This home is a playful mix of old and new – modern fixtures within an older, more traditional Netherlands facade.

Gorgeous full-length aluminium and glass doors help to separate the spaces of the interior, leading us into a light and eclectic dining room area where a beautiful mix of dining chairs add charm and intrigue in this room. We also love the oversized woven chandeliers in this space, adding texture and natural warm timber tones in the dining room. An exquisite concrete flooring makes a bold and contemporary statement of style throughout this home, paired with a lighter ceiling and wall tones. Pops of greenery further helps to soften this otherwise cold interior. A raw and exposed brick wall is celebrated in its authenticity to form a modern study environment. Minimalist lighting and a modern desk help to complete the look of this room. In the living room, greenery is again used to bring a sense of nature into this industrial-styled home. Potted plants, gorgeous ferns and even a greenery scatter print is used to tone down the harsh edges of this interior. Green is a beautiful addition, as a playful way to bring the outside indoors, and embrace the colours and textures of nature. A stunning mix of materials adds to the finished look of this home. From aluminium and glass to striking wooden furniture, concrete flooring and bold black fixtures – all work together beautifully in a bright, contemporary family abode. Contact: Plascon Trends Via Photo: Stan Koolen

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