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Plascon House Tour: Natural Living

Today’s home is a celebration of all that is natural – a mix of earthy fabrics and materials in the creation of a calming, light and rustic chic beach home situated in Portugal.

The living room comes to life in neutrals and a mix of earthy textures. The neutral fabrics and natural fibres offer warmth and a rustic charm here. We also love the arched white ceilings which add a new dimension to this room. A beautiful framed artwork adorns the wall and complements the neutral shades and natural living present in this space. The dining room too is simple yet glorious in earthy textures. In fact, the entire residence is filled with natural materials such as wood, rattan, linen, cotton and wool that adds visual stimulation and a beautiful contrast in the many textures and natural shades present in this room. The interesting chandelier appears cloud-like in its interesting shape and texture. The warm timber tones continue through all of the various spaces in this beach retreat. The loft-style bedroom is minimalist and airy in bright white which allows for the perfect interplay of light and space here. A playful collection of woven basket chandeliers add intrigue and colour here, while pops of orange in the scatters on the bed, create visual appeal and interest. Similarly, the bathroom boasts an array of beautiful natural textures that offer a calm, earthy and rustic ambiance here. Complete with a woven wall adjacent to the toilet, the room is far from conventional, with a natural earthenware basin and striking round mirror. Via

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