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Plascon House Tour: A Modern Renovated Farmhouse

An old farmhouse is reborn in today’s exquisite house tour that takes us to Pals in Spain. Here a contemporary layout with modern furnishings creates the ideal living environment within an old rustic dwelling that still bears the signs of its historical past as a farmhouse.

Down to the old farmhouse structure with vaulted wooden beams and vintage stone walls, the architecture of this home is beautifully rustic and filled with a sense of wonder and historical significance. The furniture, however, speaks to a more modern lifestyle with contemporary pieces that are fresh, vibrant and simply stunning against the backdrop of the traditional building.   The result is a masterful exercise of fusion between past and present, between rural and contemporary comfort. An idyllic refuge surrounded by fields, with refreshing and modern design interiors.   Modern air conditioning and home automation systems have been designed with sustainability criteria in mind and maximum respect to the environment. Here the charm of a traditional farmhouse meets the modern amenities we all have come to appreciate in contemporary dwellings. A calm and elegant chromatic palette is used throughout this home, in which white, grey and woody tones lead the baton, linking to the rustic spirit of the old building. As an added visual dressing, natural fibre carpets, striking lighting with intense presence, and some recovered antique furniture join together to complete the look. The result is a refreshing yet comfortable rustic chic design style. Right through to the bedroom, a calming colour palette extends into this area of the home with a minimalist and rustic look. A simple design style reigns here. The stone wall also becomes a striking feature in this space, and the modern bed and chair ooze a sense of sophistication; while an old wooden trunk like treasure chest adds interest. Contact: Plascon Via

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