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Plascon House Tour: A Minimalist Nordic design in Milan

This gorgeous Nordic inspired space is packed with intricate design details that make it a feast for the senses. The result is a beautifully unrefined and rustic retreat with a minimalist, Scandinavian interior that we simply adore!

A striking hanging rope shelf is without a doubt, the focal piece in the living room. The sheer size of this unit, with cross-sections of rope, cleverly create a detailed pattern and also serves as a functional storage unit in this space. The darker tones create a welcome contrast to the white walls and light-coloured furnishings in this space. A mix of textures and tones completes the look, with modern gold and silver light fittings, a collection of green glass bottles used as decor, all-white interior walls and a mix of seating solutions that work together to complete the relaxed yet rustic chic ambience in this area. We also love the styled shelf in the one corner of the room, with stunning framed prints, greenery, a mirror and also a collection of books perfectly positioned on top of a rustic wooden table. There is a mix of old and new in this room – modern and rustic. The impression created is one of a vintage minimalism with a contemporary, eclectic touch. This home is also full of Scandinavian inspired pieces, with a collection of horns, animal skulls and other memorabilia beautifully showcased in a rustic cabinet. We love the grey walls in this area of the home, adding depth and intrigue in the space. Even the bedroom comes alive in the deep, dark tones of grey, with pops of colour that presents itself in the interesting framed artwork on the walls. The kitchen is simple yet striking – we love the feel of understated elegance, from a gorgeous black Smeg refrigerator to the crisp wooden flooring and modern light fitting that floats above a rustic farmhouse dining table. Contact: Plascon


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