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Plascon House Tour: Living by a Lake

Here, on one of the great lakes of Italy, you will find this rustic art deco residence that pulses with a country chic energy and an evident industrial design. Far from an obvious Italian flair, the designers have opted for a contemporary deco rustic chic design that is both beautiful and fitting within this modern European home.

The kitchen is contemporary with European charm. A light colour palette with neutrals and stunning cream cabinetry sets the tone here. A bold wooden floor, rustic kitchen table with elaborately curved metal legs, and woven light fittings add to the charisma found in this space. A big window brings the outdoors in, as does an intricate display of florals on the counter and dining table. Modern amenities with metal finishes hint at the owner’s love for the contemporary. And a bold black chalkboard backdrop creates interest and vibrancy in this quaint kitchen. The living room comes to life with the vibrant use of natural elements and a wooden tree as the prime feature here. The light blue walls are reminiscent of the sky with a high wooden beamed ceiling and tiled floors, that add to a patio, outside-feel evident in this room. French-styled seating completes the look with a rustic centre table to offer some versatility in this space. The rustic charm is continued in the bedroom which takes on a soft, romantic tone with ruffled curtains and floral feature wall. A palette of soft pinks brings in depth and colour while again, arched ceilings are a beautiful feature in this space. Nature is evidently on display with the clever use of wood in the interior of the home, from a stunning display ladder to the use of raw bark and trees as features in each room. A minimalist open-plan closet adds to the rustic chic nature of this home and we love the contemporary yet warm feel that is carried throughout this Italian residence. Contact: Plascon Trends Via

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