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Plascon House Tour: Countryside Living

This Spanish abode is drenched in character and filled with soulful hints of the past. In fact, it was once an old rectory and designers were spoiled for choice with the beautiful architecture and period features that bring it so much appeal.

Gorgeous curved walls and ceiling shape the frame of this striking Spanish home – it makes for a dramatic interior! Walls were opened up to create a stunning open plan space where light moves throughout the interior. A cosy family room is decked out in a neutral palette with splashes of yellow and brown. Layered rugs, detailed mirrors on the main wall, and the use of a simple wicker chair, add to the relaxed and natural vibe, yet it remains stylish and inviting. Floors and doors have all been restored to their former glory. Each scratch, fissure and dent on these stunning oversized doors that lead into the dining room, adds to the overall rustic charm and character of this home. A modern work of art features in the dining room, also welcoming in a touch of bright colour in this area. It is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new – modern and traditional. The authentic design and architecture of the home carries throughout – as evident in the beautiful shapes and curves of the ceiling, around each window pane, as if perfectly stylized to add depth and interest in each room. The layout is natural with the use of raw materials, neutral colours and touches of greenery that bring the outside world indoors. The curved ceiling again becomes the highlight in the renovated bathroom which also evokes a country style that is cosy and inviting. Rustic concrete in neutral cream tones are used here, and a beautiful printed floor adds colour and vibrancy in this space. The under-dressed window on the one end of the room should not be overlooked – it brings in an overflow of light and airiness into this bathroom. Get this colour scheme with Plascon Via

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